I’ve been meaning to do this post since like FOREVER! A collection of my favourite old skool jams from back in the days reminising about my younger years lol and what it reminds me of 🙂 So I hope you enjoy them and they bring back memories for you too! Hell, why don’t you comment with your favourite old skool jams or what my jams remind you of 😉

Beware: This is a MONSTER post!

1. Miami Band- Raht 3alinah kuwait
*aiwwwaaaaa* way back in 1996 I was shaking my ass to this in the car with my mom! I got her addicted to Miami hahah

2. Boyz II Men- Motownphilly
I heard this a few years after it was released while gezzing with friends on shar el 7ob and we started dancing like crazy in the car

3. Shawn Stockman- Visions of a Sunset
I first heard this after watching the movie; Mr Holland Octus or something 😛 It’s such a sweet song!

4. Silk- Freak me
Released in 1993, I was 11 years old and I was singing this song word by word but was too innocent to know what it was really talking about. Fast forward to being 16, I listened to it in a friends car laughed my heart out and will never think of whipped cream in the same way ever again

5. All 4 One- I swear
I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since this song was released! I’ll never forget dancing to this with a random guy at a party DJ Crow was DJ’ing at and this random guy wrote his number on a 1Kd note cause he didn’t have any paper lol

6. Shai- If I ever fall in love
This song breaks my lil heart! I wish a guy was actually this romantic! Damn 1992 was so freaking long ago!!!! Eeek I was 10!

7. Aaliyah- Back and Forth
I went thru a phase where I dressed all gangsta, with baggy jeans, catepillar boots and those ugly checkered shirts! I hung out with black girls, was a total tomboy lol thank god there are no photos of me during that stage! I was 13, this came on the radio and I loved it. Brings back funny memories of my teenager years!

8. R Kelly- Thank God it’s Friday
Who didn’t love this jam when it came out? “Thank god it’s frriiiidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay”

9. Montell Jordan-This Is How We Do It
Totally love this song after all these years! 1995 it was released! Johnny Rockets parking lot was the place to be lol all the cars with music pumping out of their stereos and everyone was sitting on the hood of the car dancing and chatting! It was fun!!

10. 112- Cupid
This song never grows old on me! It’s one of the best love songs EVER! I remember it first playing on Superstation when I was gezzing (again) with my friends Faisal, Anwar & Sa3oud back in the day!

11. Allure- All Cried Out
During my 112 phase, Allure came out with this song. I loved it so much. I used to turn it up loud in my bedroom and annoy my parents with it & my singing for that matter! It’s a pity they disapeared for years after their debut album. Their 2nd album was crap and they’ve disapeared again!

12. Joe- Don’t wanna be a playa
This reminds me of Crew X & Chicano guys again! I was friends with both sides,listened to this at parties and while gezzing! I think I’ll rename this entire post Nani’s Gezzing Tunes!

13. Brandy- I wanna be down Remix
Chillin with my best friend listening to Brandy’s album, learning the dance moves hahaha

14. MC Lyte – Cold Rock A Party
I totally forgot this song existed OMG I used to rap this during my “nani thinks she’s black” phase. Sing with me “I rock that rock the party, you rock the party that rocks the partyyyyy”

15. MC Lyte feat. Xscape- Keep on Keepin On
As above really lol “Biiiggg boooi where the fuck you at I’ve been waiting on yo ass since a quater past!!!!”

16. Luniz – I Got 5 On It
Yah another classic geezing song! This is da bombbbbbbbbbbbb *acting all gangsta!* Playaaaaaaa

17. Kriss Kross- Jump
Mac Daddy makes you wanna jummp juuuummmppp!! Daymmm this was back in 1992!

18. Az Yet- Last Night
This song is hot! I still remember when their album came out and I listened to this song on repeat for hours and hours! I first heard this song when I went to a Crew X party or was it Chicano? :rofl: Anyway I was young hahaha

19. Cheb 5alid- Aisha
I adore this song, not only cause it is the theme tune to my friendship with my best friend, but because it gives me great memories of the times we shared hanging out in Applebeas, TGI Fridays and Baskin Robbins hehee! “Aisha, Aisha écoute-moi…. Aisha, Aisha t’en vas pas”.

20. Cheb 5aled, Rachid Taha, Faudel- Ya Rayah
I was in the middle of my Arabic phase, listened to this song for days on end! Forced my mom to listen to it in the car on the way to school! “ya rae7 weeen msafer troo7 ta3ya o twalli”

21. Cheb 5aled, Rachid Taha, Faudel- Abdul Qader
I’m shaking my ass to this as we speak! Damn I love this song!!! *claps her hand aiwwaaaa aiwwaaaa* Sitting in Chili’s, this song always came on, and when it didn’t I used to request it from the DJ and we danced as we munched on nachos!

22. Diana Haddad- Amaneeh
In the car, shaking my ass screaming at the top of my lungs “Amaaneeeeh Ammaaneeeeehhhhhh”

So there you have it! My ultimate 22 old school songs which I still love til this day! I really feel old now hahahaha hope you love them as much as I do!

There were some where I couldn’t find the video for, so I’ll just tell you that I loved Abdulmajeed Abdulla’s Ya 6ayeb il Galb, it was my voicemail message for years! “ya 6ayeb el galbbbbb waiiiniiiik? 7aram taahjer theneeeik mishtagaa lik ya 7ayaaaty, 3asa yeredik 7anenik ya shoog 3aini el3ainiiiik” I still go weak at the knees for that song!


  1. wow, YOU’RE OLD! kriss kross, 3ad?! :p

    and if i was going to make a list like that, it’ll be all britney, ‘nsync and the backstreet boys 😀

  2. Damn girl! MC Lyte! I like the Joe remix, I miss Aliyah like crazy, cheb khalid brought back memories, now I kept listening to all the aliyah songs I have! Seriously this is an old school throw back! hehehe! I still listen to I got 5 on it, but the remix version with Richie Rich! Miami hahaha! Good stuff girl!

  3. Wow, you really brought some memories.”Ya Raye7″ was the first Rai song I listend to, it was sang solely by Shab Taha at that time. I liked it the first time I listened to it! But the group song was even better! used to listen to it using my dad’s CD-player on my way to school. I had some hard time memorizing the lyrics and understanding the words since they weren’t pure Arabic.. lol.
    I also used to listen to Kenny G’s music too, my favourite was “Sentimental”. It just puts me to sleep whenever I hear it. There are others too, but I don’t remember them.
    Good stuff!

  4. I got 5 on it reminds me of our trips to new york city and it aint new york I’m talking about 😛

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