I had to choose the classes I will be taking in my last semester in my MSc before I start my Thesis in June. So I decided to choose:

    Information Strategy:
    To highlight the strategic importance of information and related technologies and to provide tools for developing a strategy for managing information, information systems and related technologies within the context of a business strategy.

    Business Systems Design:
    To provide participants with frameworks and tools for the effective design and development of business systems. To develop an awareness of the advantages, disadvantages, and applicability of individual development models, procedures, and tools.

    Business Intelligence
    This module aims to develop a critical awareness of the range of tools being marketed under the label “Decision Support” or more generally “Business Intelligence” (BI). The module builds on the student’s understanding of basic database and spreadsheet tools to illustrate how more complex data analysis and decision support can be facilitated by a range of BI tools. An overview of the core statistical approaches underpinning the subject is given to help students gain an appreciation of key benefits and limitations, which are all too often over-stated or lost by the prefix “intelligent” often used in the marketing literature for a range of BI products.

    Computer Mediated Communication
    To provide an understanding of computer-mediated communication in a variety of contexts and to give practical experience in using tools and techniques for computer-mediated communication. The module will be partly taught online, to emphasise the importance of problem-based learning so that the students will be continuously encouraged to put the knowledge provided during lecture time directly into practice.

    Information Policy & Law
    This module introduces students to the legal aspects of information management related to electronic information. Students will have: An appreciation of the major areas of legislation which have an impact on information systems and services, An understanding of the broader legal issues which developments in electronic information are bringing to the fore and will learn the Legal aspects of information policy, Electronic information and legislation, Data protection, Copyright and the protection of intellectual property, Health and safety: ergonomics and the Regulation of the Internet

    Web Design & Applications
    To provide an understanding of Web site design and the creation and delivery of Webbased applications. To give practical experience of building Web pages, sites and applications using a variety of tools. To introduce possible future developments in Web technologies. To set Web applications in the context of document design and electronic publishing. The module emphasises the importance of problem-based learning so that students will be continuously encouraged to use the knowledge provided during lecture time directly into practical exercises.

So yah… when I go back in Jan, I will have a tough time! But those classes interest me so I should *enshalla* be okay!


  1. How complicated do they sound?! eek!!! Well I know you can do it! Nani, my dear Twirlie, I know you can do this with your eyes closed!!!

    mwah :*

  2. I took a class this semester similar to “Information Strategy’sâ€? description but it was called Business and IT, what a waste of time that was. I hope you learn more in your class though 🙂

  3. I know you can do it babes and you can do anything you put your mind too.. Although I hope you focus on your studies a bit more within the next months and no playing around 😛 Coz I know you hehe you’re like me in some ways ;P

    But yalla good luck honey ;*

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