freck·le (العربيه)
A small brownish spot on the skin, often turning darker or increasing in number upon exposure to sun

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my freckles, I’ve been a sun addict since I was a kid and that just makes them come out more *cries* I only have them on my face, arms, upper chest area.. oh and a triangle shape on my right leg… hell I even have a purple freckle on my right arm!

My mom used to have them when she was my age, but as she got older they faded away plus her skin is darker now so that’s probably why!

When I was younger, I wished that I never had them… I wished that I was just plain white with no little brown marks on me, I thought they were ugly… part of me still does… little kids used to make fun of me saying I had zits all over me and I prayed once when I was 11 for them to go away.

I remember a few years ago, freckles were “in fashion” and there were makeup available for people to actually draw them on their faces & bodies and there I was screaming for mine to fade away >.< I always wondered what I'd look like without freckles... I'd probably hate how I looked... but I do know that when I have a suntan, you can barely see my freckles, hence when I love going out in the sun... which also makes freckles worse... I can't win can I?!?! Note: Yes this is my freckle venting post, I hate em I hate em I hate em *stomps her feet*


  1. am curious about the triangle shaped freckles on ur leg though 🙂 sounds funky! i got a big scar on my right leg and used to hate it. got it when i was 12 when a bus ran me over and hated wearing shorts for years until i found out girls find it sexy 😀

  2. Well.. if getting a tan makes them go away sort of .. consider going to a tanning salon.. and if you don’t like it then try to use some type of tanning lotion or oils to temporarily make your skin darker.. I donno how it feels to have freckles since I am tan.. but I can only give suggestions.. 😀

  3. Fonzy u have a twisted way of thinking 😛 I’ll take a pic of the triangle shaped freckles on my legs another day 😉

    Mona yah I was thinking that walla maybe I will after winter hehee

  4. Awww hehe I never had any freckles but I understand your love/hate relationship I have that sometimes with different objects 😛

  5. Move to spain.. barcelona.. spend your days on the beach and with the tan they will blend in with the brown!

  6. funny at school there was this girl who had freckles. I was so jelous, I wanted to have some. Sometimes I still wish I had freckles.

    Just last week I reda an article that said exposing to the sun doesn’t cause freckles yet your genes has this things that makes adopting freckles easier. anyways maybe I should find it and send it to you or something

  7. I have freckles and they are much less than what it used to be when i was a kid. only now i started to sppreciate them and like them, now i want them back. my dad had freckles all over his body but they keep fading away each year, fa dont worry much if u dont like them, they will become lighter as u grow up. dont tan much, it will make them darker later on.

  8. dear becareful from freckles, they can be transformed into cancer cells, dont expose yourself to the sun and if you ever did you have to apply big amount of sunscreen, my best friend’s sis is a red head and she got this freckles problem and god it looks horrible when it spread on all over her body, it didnt look sexy nor normal, and then she went to the doctor, he explained to her how dangerious it can be in the future. Light skin are more exposed to skin cancer, the darker you are the safer you’ll be from this side. take care of yourself dear.

  9. hey, i have a freckle fetish! i think freckles (anywhere) are the yummiest!

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