I just woke up from my afternoon nap after sleeping just 1 hour last night :'( I was working on my Wireless Networking paper until nearly 5am, then woke at 6am, got ready to go to University and left the house at 7:15am. I headed to Starbucks and got a triple non-fat latte (mega strong cause I needed it!!!) and went to the Uni computer labs to finish working on my project. I swear I was going to have a nervous breakdown, I was typing like a mad woman and finally finished my 3589 words 5 minutes before the deadline woohoooo :dance:

To make things even worse, if they couldn’t get any worse, I got my period! If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know it normally comes every 5 months, but this time it was only 1 week late! Wohooooooo! Let’s have a period party (omg I just can’t believe I announced to the world I’m on my period!) Oh well…. I am too honest for my own good 😛

I swear that when you have your period, your sense of smell increases, but I actually felt like a pregnant woman, you know how they feel sick at the slightest thing and have cravings? I got on the bus to go home and I felt so ill, there was a woman who stank like onions and I felt like I was going to vomit, then another perfume stunk like seriously strong perfume, then I smelt chicken and I became dizzy like I wanted to faint *yumaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

As I was walking from the bus stop, there was a strong smell of sewage, and I vomited right there and then! As a horse was passing me in the walk way (I live near horse stables) :'( but luckily for me, my brother was passing in his car and picked me up and dropped me at my grandfather’s house!

I walked in looking like a zombie, I couldn’t keep my head up, I collapsed on the sofa and my grandfather and brother laughed their heads off!

So what did I do? Yes I went to bed!

And Ta Daaaaaaaaaaa here I am, all woken up & my grandfather even cooked for me!

However I just heard bad news, my grandfather’s sister who was rushed to hospital a few weeks ago, has found out she has a tumor and it is likely it is cancer 🙁 She has a test on the 14th to see if she needs Chemo or not. Maskeena she is 79 years old. I’m in shock, she is so adorable and I always remember going to her place when I was a kid helping her bake cakes and now she has cancer!


  1. You threw up in the street?! Ya 7aram! Salamtek!

    Insha2alla your grandad’s sister is going to be alright insha2alla 🙂

  2. Mischa is this one day! I’m so glad u finished ur project on time… yay! i can’t stand the smell of onions either… and i don’t understand people that drench themselves in perfune either, like one or two squirts will do the job… i love horses i haven’t ridden one in so long… yeah stable smell is not fun… like i said on msn, twirlie hug, i hope ur aunt will be just fine… everything will be alright inchalla…

  3. sou, i just want to point out that u may be the first to comment but i comment longer, sa7 mischa?

  4. Salaamat girl! U need to take care of yourself!!

    How many pages is 3899 words?

    Im sorry for your GPas sister! I hope its a treatable stage!!!!

  5. congrats on finishing the wireless project. good job!!

    ummmmm…… congrats on the period too ? 😛 sorry about the whole puking thing, am sure u felt better after that. i hate the smell of horse shit too!

    sorry to hear bout ur grandma. hope she feels better.

  6. Fonzy hahahaha lets have a party! woohoooo :dance:

    and it’s not my grandma (she died 8 years old) it’s my grandfathers sister

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