My new toy arrived this morning; Sony DSC-W70.. it’s f-ing hot! It’s tiny, slim, silver & is just perfect for me! I love Amazon 😀 So now I have a 1gb memory card and 7.2mp’s to play with woohooo :dance:

More photos are on my flickr account which you can view in the Photo section

So whatcha think? I :heart: my new cam, I just need to think of a name for it 😀


  1. i can’t get over how cute your dog is, and coca cola cans look way cooler in england, not that i care because i hate fizzy drinks in general :p Sony DSC-W70.. i approve of you, you may spread your seeds!

  2. Congrats on the new digi-cam! Looks like someone’s gonna be busy! Looking fwd to all the new pics! =)

  3. Izzy yah he is so cute! He follows me everywhere! I love my cam 😀

    MSB yah tell me about it, Ima be like a Japanese tourist ;p


    I drink so much Cola, I think I’ve got it flowing in my veins now! lol…

    Mabrouk 3ala the new camera, you deserve it babe! Love the photos of your earrings and ring…SEND ME THE BLOODY COLA – please! hehehe..

    Luff u :*

  5. Why he’s adorable!
    My sister once had a pet dog; Boesky, who looked just like
    him except he was white. But you get the idea – he was a
    Tibetan pup too, when we first brought him home with us.

    Also love your sense of collecting what I imagine are designer accessories etc.but,
    you know what, you can actually, have the apple and eat it too.
    Consider this – last Valentine’s, I gifted my boyfriend a necklace for his girlfriend that comprised only Seven Seas’ Cod liver oil capsules. This home made necklace was a stunning awe-inspiring design that met with the girlfriend’s instant approval( in any case, she was not in on it).
    In fact, she got asked on campus if she was wearing a Van Cleef & Arpel piece.
    Now that’s what I call good value for money( or plain gullibility)

  6. Hey ya benty! I missed blogging here a lot, It’s good readin’ good stuff about you and in your words “Wohooo”! 😛

    Seriously, hope things go well till the end and you get to know more than the 3 people you met already!
    n’ the dog’s cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  7. hmmm….thats a hairy lil doggy there. i could hold it upside down and use it for a small broom. lol.

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